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Miura Dojo is a karate dojo founded by Shihan Miyuki Miura, who won a championship of 4th All Japan Kyokushin tournament and successfully completed the toughest Kyokushin test, “100 man kumite.” (100 consecutive fights) Shihan Miura has taught karate for over 30 years mainly in the United States. Miura Dojo has its headquarters in Chicago but Shihan Miura has also been active in spreading his karate style in Japan through his “uchideshi” (karate students who devote themselves to karate 100 percent for a certain period of time under Shihan’s instruction). The dojos are in Kanagawa prefecture, Tokyo, Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Fukuoka prefecture and Toyama prefecture.

In Chiba prefecture, Sensei Ryuichi Sugiura (4th dan)
has been actively teaching karate in
Chiba city, Ichihara city and Narashino city.


Action Policy

I aim at assisting local students’ physical and mental growth.

I have below things as preparedness for karate practice.
To have a heart to cherish individuals and things.
To have an attitude of appreciation.
To have an attitude to learn from everything.
To provide an educational environment, which fosters kindness, sense of cooperation and sensitivity.

I provide easy-to-follow practices by setting a different theme each week.
Class approaches
I ask questions about techniques and strategies during practice.
←To know how much the students has understood and to make them have their own answers
I make goals for students depending on their levels.
←Achieving a goal can make them have self-confidence.
I ask upper belt students to help lower belt students.
←To cultivate senses of kindness and cooperation.
I intend to provide a new place or a third group, which is separated from work/school and family,for my students

Looking for Studnts!

Why don’t you try once!
Students are 6 years or older normally.
But under 6 can try once and sensei Sugiura will decide.
Nothing can beat real experience! Would you like to discover a new aspect of yourself?
Would you like to work out with us? A free try class is provided.
Please feel free to contact Miura dojo!